Deck Lighting and Privacy Screens

Benefit of Deck Lighting and Privacy Screens

Adding some accessories to your backyard living space is a great way to give your space some extra charm. Lighting options are a great way to add an ambiance and safety factor in the evening. Privacy screens will allow you to have a more intimate feeling. Gazebo and Pergolas will provide you with some added shade on hot summer days.

Deck Lighting

Carefully and properly placed deck lights provide bright spots in the landscape while performing several tasks that make outdoor living truly stunning. Recessed into stair treads and risers, crowning posts, clearly establish access points, and positioned on rails, deck lighting provides safe passage up steps, signal elevation changes, define perimeters, illuminate entertaining areas, and wash neighbouring plantings in soft light giving you and your guest confidence in footing. Deck lights are affordable, readily available, and easily installed, but their selection requires thoughtful planning. Here’s what you need to know when buying and installing deck lighting. Low-voltage (12-v) lights equipped with LED or incandescent bulbs are powered by a transformer plugged into an electric outlet. You will need to router channels in stair posts and rails; undersides to accommodate the connecting wires of LED deck lighting. We can walk you through what lights fit your budget and devise a lighting plan. When creating the 3D rendering of your deck complete with steps, rails, and posts; we will pick the location of the electrical outlet you will need to place lights. 

Deck Lighting to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Deck lighting and privacy screens

Simcoe Decks can create a living space that’s completely private by even in a neighbourhood by installing a deck privacy screen on your property. We can create a hidden oasis in your backyard by surrounding your garden, hot tub, side entry or favourite reading spot with a deck privacy screen. At Simcoe Decks, we specialize in designing and creating privacy screens for decks that have not only have a functional value of keeping your property private, but they are also aesthetically pleasing! Privacy Screens give you a structure that looks great as well.

Picking the Best Privacy Screen for You

We’ll discuss all of your needs so that you end up with a privacy screen that meets your needs and style. These screens can be used to block just one side of view or an area where you need to have four sides of your property kept private. We’ll work with you to ensure that you have a privacy screen that lets you see the beauty of your home and property yet blocking out the not so beautiful necessities of the home.
At Simcoe Decks, we’re committed to designing and creating a new structure for your home that meets your requirements, is aesthetically pleasing and adds a high level of functionality and beauty to your outdoor space. We only use high-quality construction materials when we build your privacy screen, which helps ensure that it’s not only durable but that it fits the decor and style of your home and the surrounding area of your outdoor space. Outdoor privacy screens for decks have an excellent ability to keep your living space private so that you don’t have to worry about prying eyes or seeing anything that’s unsightly.