3D Renderings & Permit Plans

Benefit of 3D Renderings

As they say, seeing is believing. When it comes to investing in your dream outdoor living space, you deserve to see every detail possible– before any boards are cut and a hammer is swung. That’s why at Simcoe Decks we offer every single client a full 3D rendering of their deck before they sign a contract. From how the hue of the deck boards matches the siding colour of your home– to the exact profile of the railing system running along the staircase– our full 3D renderings shows every detail, big and small.

3D Rendering & Permits - Simcoe Decks

Discover the power of our 3D deck modeling– and explore our renderings side-by-side with their jaw-dropping finished projects.

Our 3D rendering puts homeowners in the driver’s seat when it comes to the planning stages of their deck, porch, or patio. Since implementing it a few years ago, it has become one of the most important assets we offer our customers.

When we show homeowners their 3D rendering, jaws drop and we hear oohs and ahhs, like we’re at a fireworks display. As every detail is laid out before their eyes, it’s like looking at a picture-perfect version of their house– just complete with the outdoor living space they’ve been dreaming about.

While our 3D renderings are incredibly detailed, here are some of the most important features to pay attention to:

Any and all of those features help you as the homeowner visualize what your outdoor living space will resemble when finished.  At Simcoe Decks, we take you on a tour of your property and soon-to-be outdoor living space, complete with  up close detail on the features that matter most.

This is just one more way we ensure your final project meets your needs and exceeds your wildest expectations.

3D Rendering Service for the DIY'r

Simcoe deck is a full service deck provider. If you want to handle your deck project by yourself no problem. Let Simcoe deck turn your vision into a 3D rendering as the first step on your way to the stunning outdoor space you have been dreaming of. We can provide you with a design, material list and support to turn this project from a dream to 3D rendering to reality with the least amount of stress for you!

3D Rendering for the DIY'r

Permits & Plans

In Barrie and most of Simcoe County, obtaining permission to build decks is an onerous process. 20 years ago, it was sufficient to do a 2 page sketch on graph paper to outline what you are doing.

The building department would draw the critical details for you if you missed them or at least offer you a sample drawing. 
Today, the process is a bit more structured. To get a permit to build a deck in Simcoe County the basic plan is usually 3-5 pages. You will need footing specifications and pre-engineering if you are using helicals (as we do). If you want to use aluminum railings, or any custom wood railings, or a privacy screen, or a shade structure or pavilion, they typically want engineered drawings. as a result it is often a 30-50 page permit plan to build a deck. Most additions are 5-7 pages of permit plans.

I know this all sounds overwhelming but we will walk you through both the planning and permits stages of the process. Our goal is to give you a easy path to your dream outdoor space.